ZEPHYR V6.5 - 材料设计主题



IMPROVED Paste Section ability – now that the copied section has custom Grid Layout, it is also created on your site when pasting
IMPROVED Button Styles – added "Font size" and "Line height" options
IMPROVED Grid – added "Items Aspect Ratio" option, now it's possible to override aspect ratio of selected Grid Layout. So it's no need to create several Grid Layouts for different aspect ratios.
IMPROVED "Optimize JS and CSS size" option – added "Merge Google Fonts styles into single CSS file" option, which allows to improve pages loading speed
UPDATED languages files
FIXED incorrect appearance of Google fonts with different site languages, if the "Optimize JS and CSS size" option is enabled
FIXED incorrect work of "load more" pagination on WooCommerce shop page with specified content template
FIXED issue when image placeholder is shown on Row background, if the image wasn't set
FIXED bug when Text Block doesn't show Youtube video (and other embeds) on frontend
FIXED appearance of Accordion inside Tabs, when it used with specific Content template
FIXED bug when Post Content element disappears in WPBakery Role Manager settings
FIXED bug when Excerpt length was not working for taxonomy descriptions
FIXED work of "load more" pagination of Grid with ACF Gallery selected
FIXED bug when custom CSS in Footer didn't work on homepage
FIXED work of "Page Break" tag with custom Content templates
FIXED incorrect appearance of Grid images in EDGE
FIXED some minor bugs


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